Lost Levels Final is a mod for the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.

Mod FeaturesEdit

It adds Oil Rig, Paris, Foo and Skateshop from THPS3 main menu to the level list. All of them except the latter were taken from PS2 CD, where they were laying as a leftovers.

These levels are very distorted in the game, there are a lot of holes in the level mesh, however, it is not missing, but inverted, which means the texture is showing on the other side of the polygons. Also author couldn't convert original textures, so there were different releases with different texture packs. They can be identified this way.

Mod HistoryEdit

Several persons worked on this mod in around 2002-2005. THPS3 1.3 readme file mentions MuddaFuQ, the other sources add Ksk8er, Sairuk, Sporadic and ChrML to the list.


  • Oil Rig and Paris would later appear in its original state without any graphical glitches in LevelMod.

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