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Los Angeles is the seventh level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. The level re-appears in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 as a classic mode level, and in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD as downloadable content. 

Origin[edit | edit source]

The level environment is mostly inspired by financial district of Los Angeles. For example the skatepark area in the center of the level is mainly Pershing Square with Biltmore Hotel next to it, at the beginning of the level there is Central Library. On the right there is City National Plaza, which appears to be moved to the Alley of Fame. ARCO Rails can be found right behind it. There is Hollywood sign as well on the hill outside the level. The Havgas car wash is based on Downtown Car Wash.

There are plenty of Los Angeles skyscrapers in the level including The U.S Bank Tower, Citigroup Center, Gas Company Tower, AON Center and twin towers at City National Plaza.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Player can start the earthquake by grinding 4 rails. It will destroy the bridge.
  • It is possible to reach the bridge without starting the earthquake. The cars on the bridge will not stop when the player is in front of them, meaning that the player will get hit by a bunch of cars. Though, he can still Car Plant on them, but there is still a chance for him to bail.
  • There are two guys that argue in single player mode. There is a bunch of phrases recorded including "THPS1. THPS2. THPS1! Tony Hawk 2!!!" or "Downhill levels. Open environments. Downhill levels! Open environments!!!".
  • A Havgas carwash is present in the level.
  • When skater is approaching the Buster's Cherry movie theater, stereotypical 80s porn music is being played. The advertised movies are rather suggestive: "Rear Admiral" and "Come Hither".
  • Buster's Cherry was likely censored in past-gen versions of the game since it was planned for N64 as well. The logo was changed to GGG. Suggestive titles were changed to to "Mighty Hawks" and "Song of Shaba". Movie posters were introduced, advertising following fictional movies: "Yassir ya Betcha", "Kill Bruce", "Grind Away", "BSOD".
  • City National Plaza fountain initially was planned to include the Double Ascension statue, but it was removed later.
  • In one of the two theme setting in Pro Skater 4's Create-A-Park can have Los Angeles as a theme.
  • Small portion of Los Angles level can be seen in THPS3 Skateshop (main menu).
  • One of City National Plaza towers is called Findley tower in the game. Chad Findley is one of the game developers.
  • A glitch can occur in the Tony Hawk Underground 2 version where you grab onto the lip rail on quarter-pipe at the purple Pershing Square structure and you move over the farthest left part of the quarter-pipe next to the wall and move the thumbstick back, you'll be walking around, but still have the action of holding onto the rail, this will last until you jump or fall from anywhere in the level.
  • Another glitch has been found in the Playstation 1 version. Skate to the elevator. Ride the wall to hit the button and get in. Towards the back of the elevator, you may sometimes spin in a circle until you pass through the floor of the elevator and stay suspended in mid air.
  • In THUG2, if the player goes through the door (more specifically, comes in contact with it, as the storefront is merely a texture) of the convenience store located behind the car wash, they will respawn high above the movie theater sign. In THPS3 and HD, attempting this does nothing, as the door exhibits wall behavior.
  • In THUG2 at least, it is possible to go out of bounds and skate outside the stage by setting a respawn point on the top of the overpass without triggering the earthquake (although this is more easily done after doing so, the player must leave the stage and return so the overpass will not be destroyed), then getting on top of a car that is heading towards the car wash. Upon reaching the end of the path, the car will turn around and go back, at which point the player will be out of bounds without the game triggering a flag event.
  • There are no pedestrians in the THPSHD version of the stage.

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