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London loading screen

London is the sixth level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.


London is based on the real life city of London, capital of Great Britain. Some of the notable featured landmarks include:

  • Trafalgar Square
  • National Gallery
  • Nelson's Column
  • Equestrian Statue of Charles I (but only the pedestal is present in the game)
  • Admiralty Arch
  • Canada House
  • High Commission of South Africa and Grand Hotel
  • Southbank Centre (Queen Elizabeth Hall, "Undercroft" skate spot, ring of stones near National Theatre)
  • Supposedly, Shell Centre (but it's barely recognizable) and the supporting buildings nearby (demolished in 2015)
  • Whitehouse apartments building
  • Waterloo Bridge (Tower Bridge on PSX)
  • Likely St. Paul Cathedral in the background


  • You can see London cops here and there.
  • This level features authentic London vehicles: London Bus and hackney carriage.
  • Fountains in the middle of the map allow you to perform a unique trick: Fountain Plant.
  • There is a goal in the game to let the elephant escape, which connects it to the Zoo level, located in London.
  • On the PlayStation 1 version of THPS4, the level is set at nighttime during a thunderstorm. It's the only level in the game to feature the rain effect. It also connects two parts of the level via Underground gates, which is missing in next-gen versions.


To start the "Slapper" minigame go to the Southbank area below the road in the underpass. Talk to the pimp to start the minigame. You must pick the girl on the left or the girl on the right to win the game. The game chooses the winner randomly so it's just a game of odds until you win. You can repeat the game for money five times and earn $100 per win for a total of $500.

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