LevelOut is a global mod for the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 created by coolsnake. Latest released version is 2.9.

Mod featuresEdit

This mod fixes a lot of bugs that can be found in THPS3 1.3 by ksk8er. The outstanding feature of the mod is the ability of leveling out and spine transferring. Both of them were introduced in THPS4. This mod also adds 40 new tricks. This was possible because of unused animations in THPS3 game folders.

Mod historyEdit

It first appeared in November 2011. The latest version was released in January 2012. Author also appeared year after fixing some minor bugs, assuming he might rewrite whole thing one day without using THPS3 1.3 sources.


  • This mod requires THPS3 1.3 mod to be installed.
  • Spine Transfer was actually a side effect of the leveling out code.

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