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LevelMod is a global mod for the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 developed by DCxDemo and Vadru'Qc. Latest released version is 4.1.


Warehouse Hangar London Club Foundry Alcatraz
School School II Construction Site Canada Kona USA
Mall Marseilles Skatepark Tampa Rio London
Skate Park New York Subway Suburbia MotoX
Downtown Venice Beach Skylines Airport Zoo
Downhill Jam Skate Street Skater Island San Francisco
Burnside Philadelphia Los Angeles Carnival
Streets Bullring Tokyo Chicago
Roswell Chopper Drop Cruise Ship
Skate Heaven Oil Rig

Mod features

This mod enlarges game's level list with new levels, 27 in total. It also fixes a lot of engine bugs without affecting the actual gameplay.

Mod history

Mod was in development since July 2011. The first public version was released on November 28th, 2011. Since then it cycled through several major and minor updates. It's development was halted in May 2013 for an open term. Build 5 teaser was released in public though, which promised to include THPS4 and THUG1 maps.

On 03.09.2014 minor Levelmod fix was realeased. This included OpenSpy fix, refined Marseille level and unfinished launcher, planned for Levelmod 5.

On 01.07.2015 THPS4 Update video was uploaded on DCxDemo's channel. Update became public less than a month later. Mod was released as is, it was noted that update is not stable and there will be no support for this release.

On 14.07.2015 Vadru decided to spread the long awaited 32 limit fix in graffiti mod, promised in Levelmod 5.

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