Character Joey B

Joey B

Joey B is a fictional skater and story character in THAW.

Joey B missions Edit

Zee Manhole Edit

Meet up with Joey B. across the street from the orange fountain to collect some manhole lids. He'll want you to get some serious air and land a bank drop on a kicker across the street. You'll have to do this three times with three different grab tricks (Melon, Benihana and Sacktap) and make sure to hit the bank drop right before you're above the landing zone in order to keep from sailing past it.[1]

Dude Descending a Staircase Edit

Meet up with Joey B. at the top of the large staircase. In order to snatch it, you'll have to do a boneless at the top of the stairs (to get a little extra air), do an impossible in mid-air and land on the X at the bottom. You'll have to do this four times in a row. If you're having trouble clearing the stairs, go off the ramp behind where you start to build up some extra speed. Following this, you'll then have to do a 360 impossible over it. It's the same as an impossible, but you have to rotate left at the same time.[2]

References Edit

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