Character Joe Skater

Joe Skater

Joe Skater is a fictional skater and story character in THAW.

Joe Skater missions Edit

Take What's Yours Edit

Head over to the halfpipe in the north-east part of town to deal with the punk who stole your gear. You'll need to outscore him by doing a bunch of air tricks in the pipe. He'll keep up with you for most of the duration of the contest, so just do some basic kickflips and grabs until there's only a few seconds left. Make your final trick a big one and make sure to land it and you should outscore him. After you whoop him up, he'll try to run away. You'll have to knock him off his board by smacking him with yours. He skates in a loop, so all you have to do is hop off your board, wait on the blue ledge opposite the Dog and Cello restaurant and wait for him to skate by you. As he does whack him with your board by pressing the grab button[1]

References Edit

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