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Iggy Van Zandt

Iggy Van Zandt is a fictional skater and story character in THAW. He is the owner of the Skate Ranch. Iggy's name is derived from musicians, Iggy Pop, and the frontman of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant. The former of which, has had 2 songs featured throughout the Tony Hawk's series over the years, Underground 2's "1970", and a cover of Iggy and the Stooges' song "Search and Destroy" in American Wasteland.

Iggy Van Zandt missions Edit

Buildin' a Ramp Edit

You've reached the Skate Ranch, but the cupboards are looking a little bare. You'll need to chip in by "borrowing" certain items around town to make it just a wee bit more tight. First, to build the inaugural halfpipe, you'll need to collect some wood. Do a skitch on Iggy's dog, Sanchez, as you would a car and he'll lead you to a couple "No Skateboarding" signs, which you'll need to smash up with your board for wood. No worries if you fall off, because Sanchez will wait for you go grab his tail again. Once you've smashed the signs up, get back to Iggy's by following the green marker on compass.

Bert Slide Edit

Iggy will now show you the Bert Slide on the new halfpipe. First you'll have to do one in place, then one after traveling a distance. These tasks are both mad easy. You'll then have to do one up the side of the halfpipe, clearing the rectangular hole in the middle. Just make sure you hold down the ollie button as you go into the slide to keep your momentum up, and you shouldn't have to much trouble.[1]

That Cool Thing Edit

Find Iggy by the diving board on the top floor. He wants to snag the crazy chandelier which you can do by pulling off a rather tricky combo. First hop off your board and climb up the diving board ladder. Then do an acid drop down into the pool below. Once you hit the other edge of the pool, do a spine transfer and another acid drop in to the pool on the lower level. From there do yet another spine transfer onto the designated stall area. Just hit it with the stall and you'll complete the mission (you don't have to hold it). The trick here is staying as straight as possible through the acid drop and the 2 spine transfers. As long as you remain aligned you should have no problem.

Take 'im Down Edit

At this point you'll be standing in the pool with Iggy. Be polite and talk to him. He'll now want you to snag the floodlights above the pool by wall planting off of them. Ride back and forth in the pool a couple of times to build up air, and then when you're at your highest point, spine transfer off of the bottom side of the pool and hit the speakers with the wallplant. This'll bring the lights down a bit. Now you have to build up some air and then do a to-tail trick them to bring them down.

Old Ladies in the Way Edit

Finally, find Iggy on the upper level around the corner from the trampoline. He'll ask you to keep some old ladies visiting the casino from bothering him by hitting them up with some water balloons. You'll have to hit six of them and they're all by the pools near the diving board. Once you've got the board in your sights, just pan from left to right to take them all out.[2]

References Edit

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