Horse is a two player splitscreen game type.


The Horse game type is a variation of the popular "Game of S.K.A.T.E." However, it is based on the concept of combos instead of a continuous scoring..


  • Player 1 sets the combo score.
  • Player 2 has to beat it.
  • If he succeeds, the score bar is raised for player 1. Otherwise, they are rewarded a letter.
  • First to collect all letters loses.


  • There is the ability to choose any word to play.
  • When a player loses, a horse laugh can be heard in the background.
  • There is basketball game called H-O-R-S-E which is similar in rules.
  • It is the only multiplayer mode that alternates between players, meaning that the player's camera is similar to how it's played in single-player modes, making it easier to see the level layout differences in multiplayer modes.

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