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Hollywood serves as the starting location of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, and where the player's custom skater starts his journey to become pro in the dog-eat-dog city of Los Angeles.

Story[edit | edit source]

The player was considered an outcast by his relatives, and they believed that he would never amount to anything in life. Unable to take any more criticism, the player decides to head west, to the beautiful Los Angeles, California. He has particularly rough flashbacks about his family during the long bus ride to Hollywood, but the memories are soon over as he is greeted by a rather bubbly young girl, about his age, who aspires to be a successful actress. They converse for a majority of the trip, and the player is left feeling confident that he will be accepted amongst the residents of LA. Upon his arrival, however, he is quickly proven wrong, as he meets some rather unfriendly local skaters. They steal his skating gear and high-tail it away from him. The lowly player is angered by what just occurred, but he is quickly soothed by another friendly personality, Mindy, who offers to help him adapt to the style of the locals, and get him back his gear. From there, she introduces him to her local skater friends, who teach him the basics about skating in the Hills, after getting comfortable with Hollywood, the skater gets his gear back, and moves onto Beverly Hills.

Landmarks represented in-game[edit | edit source]

  • The iconic Walk of Fame is featured in the game.
  • Grauman's Chinese Theater is also in the game.
  • Obviously, the Hollywood Sign made it into the game.
  • Capitol Records is in the game, and is fully skate-able.
  • The Hollywood Arts Center is featured, and allows you to grind the various abstract art.
  • Hollywood High is also in the game, and you can shred up the awesome 16-set out front.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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