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Hawaii loading screen

Hawaii is the fifth level in Tony Hawk's Underground.


The level is based on the real world city Honolulu, Hawaii, featuring several Honolulu locations and skate spots including Wallows (from Animal Chin), Aala Skate Park, Makiki Skatepark, The Pink Palace, International Market Place (called Trinket Place in the game), Duke Kahanamoku Statue, and Diamond Head.

Evil Tiki[]

After the player jumps into the Evil Tiki's mouth, he gets into the volcanic swirl with the Evil Tiki at the bottom. In the middle there is a THPS2 level collectible which will unlock the Venice level. This area is similar to the Haunted House pits in Suburbia and Carnival.


  • Bikini girls are back in Honolulu and there is a goal to impress them. Just like in the Cruise Ship from THPS3. The phrase you can hear is rather suggestive: "Your combos are SOOO big!"
  • There is a "Tasty Burger" fast food in building 5250. Its slogan is "Making animal suffer since 1983".
  • Near the Pink Palace hotel is a concession shack featuring a sign that says "Yummy Wieners", showing a boy with a hot dog for a mouth.
  • The tour bus that cycles around the districts wears "Flores Hawaii Tour" sign. Alan Flores is one of the game developers.
  • Wallows area is the same area from Skate Heaven.
  • Chopper Drop level in THPS2 is also located in Hawaii.
  • Airport level probably represents Honolulu Airport, which is the largest and busiest airport in the State of Hawaii.
  • There is a writing on the wall in this level stating that the street is called Insult Way. Below the street name player can read the following message: "Mirrors cannot lie about how you look. And lucky for you they can't laugh either. You're so ugly, I bet your mother fed you with a slingshot."
  • The level contains advertising for site (graffiti on a ramp near the Evil Tiki).
  • There is "XYZ Stores" shop, a reference to popular Hawaiian stores' chain "ABC Stores".


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