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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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Loading Screen Hangar

THUG Hangar loading screen

The Hangar is a level that first appeared in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. It later reappears in Tony Hawk's Underground as an unlockable level, as well as in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD as a normal career level.


The Hangar is set in Mullet Falls, Montana, which is a fictional location. Neversoft's president Joel Jewett is from Great Falls, Montana, and he had a mullet back during production of THPS2, which explains the idea of this location.

Unlockable areas

  • A outdoor Helipad area can be accessed by grinding the Helicopter located at the far end of the room.
  • A Wind Tunnel area can be accessed by grinding the propeller located on the wall at the end of the half-pipe.


  • You can hear wolves howling outside.
  • Snow is represented by just a few polygons and animated texture.
  • Level often glitches to hide specific areas if player crossed the middle wall in some unusual ways.
  • During development, it was planned to implement a secret control tower where a random dispacher chatter would be played just like later in THPS3 in Airport and Cruise Ship levels. Possibly it was meant to be the room above the current helipad as can be seen in E3 Demo. The other PC demo version of the game contained recorded audio files, but they did not make it to the final game. However, the Control Tower itself was moved to the starting point and appeared in THPS2x.
  • The Control room did not appear in THUG, but still returned in THPSHD.
  • The wind tunnel propeller was meant to kill the player; this was removed from the game because it might have exceeded the criteria for a "T" rating.
  • With a ramp that goes down into the level and a halfpipe you can jump across, this level is similar to the Warehouse.
  • In the THPS2X version, "Officer Dick" can be seen making an appearance standing inside a small room operating the Wind Tunnel. This room can be stalled on to get a better view.


High Score - 10,000 $100
Pro Score - 25,000 $200
Sick Score - 75,000 $500
Collect S-K-A-T-E $150
Get 3 Hangtime Gaps $150
Collect 5 Pilot Wings $250
Nosegrind Over the Pipe $150
Barrel Hunt $150
Find the Hidden Tape $150
100% Goals and Cash $200


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