Grind Session is a skateboarding game that was developed by Shaba Games, released on the PlayStation on the 29th of April 2000. The game engine was later reused in Razor Freestyle Scooter, a game also developed by Shaba Games.


Grind Session features six professional skaters and nine hidden characters. One also has the ability to choose between four nameless skaters and edit their tricks and names. The pro skaters featured are:

  • Cara-Beth Burnside
  • John Cardiel
  • Willy Santos
  • Daewon Song
  • Stephen "Pigpen" Spear
  • Ed Templeton

Skate ParksEdit

Grind Session has many real-life skate parks from around the world, these include:

  • Training Level
  • Da Banks (NYC)
  • S.F. Mission
  • Burnside
  • Slam City Jam
  • Atlanta
  • PlayStation Park London
  • Detroit
  • Huntington
  • Dream House (secret level)


  • Black Flag - "Rise Above"
  • Cornelius - "Galaxie Express"
  • Dr. Octagon - "Blue Flowers"
  • GZA - "Publicity"
  • Jurassic 5 - "Jayou"
  • KRS-One - "Out for Fame"
  • Man or Astro-man? - "Television Fission"
  • NOFX - "Linoleum"
  • Sonic Youth - "In the Mind of the Bourgeois Reader"
  • The X-Ecutioners - "Raida's Theme"
  • Zen Guerrilla - "Empty Heart"
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