A Gap in THPS3

Gap is a level feature in every Tony Hawk's game that, once tricked upon, will add bonus points to the player's score. The amount of bonus varies on the gap complexity. There are 6 gap types in the game: aerial, grind, manual, lip, wallride and the most rare - ground. Whenever a gap is found, its name appears in the current combo string in blue along with photo shoot sound being played, which refers to a common practice in skateboarding to pick special spots for a photoshoot or footage. Gaps are commonly used in level specific goals.


  • Gaps were initially known as Blue Text Transfer or BTT, due to its representation in the game.
  • Since THPS2 there is a gap list in the game. Gaps that were found before are highlighted.
  • In THPS2 order to unlock Private Carrera, player is forced to find all of the gaps in the game. However this task is hidden and never mentioned before completion. After the last gap is found, special message appears, stating that player should work at Neversoft.
  • Different game versions involved gap renaming cause of censorship. For example, the famous "Holy Shi..." gap in Warehouse.
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