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Tony Hawk performs a Level 6 Freak out in THUG2.

Freak Outs were added to Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Underground 2 Remix, American Wasteland, American Sk8land (DS), and Proving Ground (DS). This feature gave players a chance to gain extra points, getting your special back, and to simulate what would happen in real life after bailing.

How to Freak Out

The only way to get a chance to Freak Out is to bail. Although, you have to bail in a certain way in order for the "Tantrum Meter" to pop up. When it does, tap Y(Xbox) /Triangle (PS2/PSP)/Touch the bars on the lower screen (DS only)/ RP8 (PC) .The bar must cross at least one white line to Freak Out, or else, you won't Freak Out.

The "Tantrum Meter" in THUG2 after Player bails out of a combo.

Levels 1-6 (Xbox, PS2, PSP, and PC only)

Level 1: Player kicks skateboard.

Level 2: Player jumps on skateboard, breaking it in half, and steps away.

Level 3: Player throws skateboard to his right.

Level 4:Player twirls around once and chucks his board into the air.

Level 5: Player grabs his board, smashing it on the ground and throwing the other half away.

Level 6 (The end of the meter): Player Smashes skateboard into eyes, throws it on the ground, and rubs his eyes. 

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