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Tony Hawk performs a Level 6 Freak out in THUG2.

Freak Outs were added to Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Underground 2 Remix, American Wasteland, American Sk8land (DS), and Proving Ground (DS). This feature gave players a chance to gain extra points, getting your special back, and to simulate what would happen in real life after bailing.

How to Freak Out

The only way to get a chance to Freak Out is to bail. Although, you have to bail in a certain way in order for the "Tantrum Meter" to pop up. When it does, tap Y/Triangle/Touch the bars on the lower screen (DS only). The bar must cross at least one white line to Freak Out, or else, you won't Freak Out.

The "Tantrum Meter" in THUG2 after Player bails out of a combo.

Levels 1-6 (Xbox, PS2, PSP, and PC only)

Level 1: Player kicks skateboard.

Level 2: Player jumps on skateboard, breaking it in half, and steps away.

Level 3: Player throws skateboard to his right.

Level 4:Player twirls around once and chucks his board into the air.

Level 5: Player grabs his board, smashing it on the ground and throwing the other half away.

Level 6 (The end of the meter): Player Smashes skateboard into eyes, throws it on the ground, and rubs his eyes. 

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