Freak Out was added into the game to simulate real life skater emotions after bailing. This feature gives player a chance to gain extra points for the next combo, refilling Special Bar. Freak Out was added to both THUG2 and Remix, THAW, Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, and THPG.

How to Freak OutEdit

The only way to get a chance to Freak Out is to bail. Although, you have to bail in a certain way in order for the "Tantrum Meter" to pop up. When it does, tap Y(Xbox) /Triangle (PS2/PSP)/Touch the bars on the lower screen (DS only)/ RP8 (PC) .The bar must cross at least one white line to Freak Out, or else, you won't Freak Out.

Freak Out levelsEdit

Please note that this does not apply to DS versions.
  1. Player kicks the skateboard away.
  2. Player jumps and stomps on the board, breaking it
  3. Player throws the skateboard away.
  4. Player holds the skateboard with one hand, does a 360 spin, and throws it away.
  5. Player lifts the skateboard over their head and smashes it on the ground.
  6. Player picks up and smashes their skateboard by headbutting into it, leaving them dazed for a few seconds.


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