Duane is a fictional skater and story character in THAW.

Duane missions[edit | edit source]

Kickflip Ben Whofleck[edit | edit source]

Mindy's friend Duane will teach you a few more rad tricks, but first you'll have to do him a favor by doing a kickflip over Ben Whofleck's head in order to make him look like even more of a loser. Head over to the movie theatre, which is to the left of the skate shop, and line yourself up with the velvet ropes. Grind the first one and ollie over Whofleck's head just before the rope ends. You'll have to do a kickflip while in the air, so you may want to practice it a bit before you start this mission. Land on the next rope in a grind.

Manual[edit | edit source]

Duane is now ready to teach you how to do the Manual and Revert tricks. First you'll just have to manual 3 times. When you start a manual, a balance meter will show up. Try to keep the ball in the middle of the meter for as long as you need to complete the trick. If you go to far in the red direction, you'll fall off. Too far in the green, and you'll end your trick. The same is true of grinds, liptricks and rail stalls. After this, you'll need to manual from Tony Hawk's star tony Alva's. If mess up, hop off your board and run back to start to save time. Or you can always just go to the pause menu and select Retry Mission to put you back in your starting position. The trick to this is to start as close as possible tony Hawk's star, so you won't have to balance for too long.

Revert[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Duane again at the Dog & Cello restaurant to learn how to revert. To do this, you'll just need to press the revert button as your landing back down after getting air in off a quarter-pipe. This trick will be crucial throughout the game because it allows you to string together air tricks into a longer combo.[1]

I Got That Velvet, Son[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Duane near the velvet ropes of the movie theatre. To snag these you'll have to ollie out of the truck when it gets to the designated starting point and grind the velvet ropes, and hop back into the truck bed. Make sure to keep your balance on the ropes the entire distance and don't hop off them until you get to the very end in order to complete this mission.[2]

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