Loading Screen Downtown Minneapolis

THAW Classic Minneapolis loading screen

Loading Screen Minneapolis

THAW Minneapolis loading screen

Downtown, or Minneapolis, is a level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Later it reappeared in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and the PSP version of Tony Hawk's Project 8 as a part of classic mode.

Origin Edit

The level is set in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but the environment is fictional.

Trivia Edit

In early Beta versions this level originally contained a statue of the "Bruce Willis" character model from the "Apocalypse" video game (Also developed by Neversoft). This was replaced with a water fountain in the final release. There was a parking garage in beta versions of the level, but was removed in the final versions.

Level specific Edit

  • Taxis which are riding across the map allow player to perform Car Plant trick.

Taxi driver quotesEdit

  • "Move, idiot!"
  • "Ha, ha, ha."
  • "Crazy kid!"
  • "Get out of the street!"

Goals Edit

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Edit

  • High Score - 15,000 points
  • Break 5 "No Skating" Signs
  • Get S-K-A-T-E
  • Find Hidden Tape
  • Pro Score - 40,000 points

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Edit

  • High Score - 30,000/100,000 depending on difficulty setting
  • Pro Score - 60,000/200,000 also depending on difficulty setting
  • Sick Score - 100,000/300,000 also depending on difficulty setting
  • High Combo - 10,000/75,000 also depending on difficulty setting
  • Collect S-K-A-T-E
  • Collect C-O-M-B-O
  • Get the secret tape
  • Indy Over the Fountain
  • Hardflip Over the Red Carpet
  • Ollie over 5 barriers

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