This is a gap list for the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater level, Downhill Jam.


25/50/75/100 FEET

Follow the course until you get near the end. Here, you will find a ramp that launches you up onto a big rock. Follow the rock down and through the tunnel, when you get to the ramp at the end of the tunnel, jump.


Go to the part in the level where there are two big green rails that lead over the river. To get this gap, you have to jump over the whole river. It helps if you use the big ramp to the left of the rails to launch over the river.



Follow the course until you get right near the end. Right near the end, there should be two quarter pipes on either side of the track. Get lots of speed, and when you feel you have enough height, aim for the rails way up on that high platform. Grind to the end of the rail, and keep the grind button held down. When you come to the end of the first rail, you should drop off and land on the second rail.

THUG2 Only Edit


HIGH UP TRANSFER: Go to the UPPER AREA. Get onto the SECOND PART and air off the QP to get to the THIRD PART. That's the gap.

OVER THE GREAT GRATE!: This is the gap that gave the GAP AREA its name. Use the kicker humps to air over the other kicker hump.

BOX 2 BOX: At the END, on one of the LEDGES, there's two funboxes. Use one to ollie to the other.


RAIL 2 RAIL: Right before the 1ST WG, there's two triangle rails. Grind them.

PIPE 2 TRIANGLE: In the START. Hit the kicker ledge and hit the left of the two rails. At the end, hop off and grind the triangle rail.

HIT LEDGE LEFT: On the right side of the PILLAR, there's a rail. Grind it, and at the end, ollie left to cross over and grind the ledge on the left.

HIT LEDGE RIGHT: On the left side of the PILLAR, there's a rail. Grind it, and at the end, ollie right to cross over and grind the ledge on the left.

SMACK THE POLE: Skate to the left of the 1ST WG, avoiding it. Hit the third kicker and grind the rail in front of it. It's sticking out of the ROCK TUBE. Because the ground is so bumpy in front of the kicker, this can actually be kinda annoying. My advice? Don't get annoyed. You won't enjoy it.

KICKER 2 PIPE 2 PIPE 2 PIPE!!: The kicker you want is the one on top of the ROCK TUBE. Get to the top of it and carefully go down the other side, you'll see the kicker. Set a restart, you'll probably have to do this a few times. Hit the kicker and grind the first rail. Almost immediately, you need to ollie left to the left of the two rails that are next. At the end of that rail, ollie left again to hit the pipe that crosses over the HP.

QP 2 PIPE: The QP you want is just to the right of the 1ST WG. Air into the water gap, grinding one of the rails there.


LIP BAR: On the left side, immediately after the rock tube, there's a QP with a rail high above. Lip that rail.


MANUAL THROUGH THE HP!: Manual through the HP.

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