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The Double Revert glitch, originally discovered by the THPS3 online player Pinky, lets players continue combos through the use of a revert two times. To do this, the player has to grind near a halfpipe or quarter-pipe. When the balance meter goes left or right, depending on the direction of the pipe, the player has to time the revert right. Then the player jumps/ollies then presses the Revert button and a second revert on ground is achieved. This part must be timed right. The same glitch can also be achieved with the Noseslide Lipslide special grind trick also discovered by Pinky. The first step is the same when the player goes down the halfpipe from that grind, the player's skateboard will be seen doing a Noseslide on ground. The player must immediately jump and then do another revert. This glitch has became harder since THPS4 but in THAW, this has reappeared but as "Land Pivots".



THPS3 Double Revert Glitch