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Contrast problem in DefMod3.

DefMod3 is a mod for the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 created by Defeat0r aka yosh64. The original mod name is xP Mod.

Mod features[]

Mod acts as a launcher for THPS3, but contains a lot of options. Some of them copy in-game cheats, some add missing functionality like toggle slap, all chat letters, backwards manual fix, etc. It also allows to start THPS3 in window mode and use custom scripts folder, which name is limited to 7 symbols though.

Mod history[]

It is known that it was xP clan mod and had a password protection to keep pro functions for clan members only. Though it got leaked later


  • There are similiar tools written for THPS4 and THUG.
  • Low contrast display users may experience problems identifying state of an option. Author used button style that doesn't differ, but changes color to a brighter one.