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Cruise Ship loading screen

Cruise Ship is the ninth and final level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Origin Edit

The Cruise Ship level is based on the real life cruise ship by Carnival Cruise Lines. The level is set on the Caribbean Sea.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player looks out to the sea, they will see an island, which is Skater Island.
  • The player can drain the pool, by grinding a specific rail near the pool itself.
  • If the player jumps into the big cake, another cake rises. If the player hits that one, another one will come. There are 3 different cakes (a white one, a US flag and a UK flag).
  • The player can deploy nets and various other extra features by grinding off the wires for the propeller in the museum area
  • Smashing every glass window in the Atrium (possibly even the entire ship) initiates an audio exchange between the fake captain and the real captain, after which the real captain will be heard for the rest of the session.
  • Level isn't available in PS1/N64 versions.

Additional Info Edit

There's some quotes from the Captain from the speaker reading:

  • "Attention, passengers, the ship-to-shore ferry has arrived. Those leaving for the islands, please proceed to the starboard side shops on the Promenade Deck to board."
  • "For a little R&R, spend some time in the Portside Greenhouse. Let our exotic plants change your state of mind. Please refrain from licking the frogs. Thank you."
  • "Attention passengers, please remember to swing by the Maritime Museum on the Aloha Deck to see our totally nautical collection of fine art and memorabilia, including a 20-foot tall 35-ton propeller blade precariously placed on the ceiling. Don't look up."
  • "Attention, passengers, the cake is now being served at the Fiesta Deck at the rear of the ship. Enjoy, and please, try not to make a mess. Thank you."
  • "Attention, passengers, a quick word of caution: Please check the pool for water before jumping in. Face-planting the tiles is strictly prohibited."
  • "Attention, passengers, just wanted to...Hey, what the- Hey, hey, LOOK OUT! ICEBERG! *Laugh* Just kidding. Fear not friends, the only ice in the Caribbean is in your margaritas.
  • "Attention, thrill-seekers, water-skiing is now available on the back of the ship, but please, whatever you do, just don't let go. It'll take an hour to swing around and pick you up when these are shark-infested waters. *Laugh* Uh, ahem, I-I'm not kidding."
  • "Attention passengers, we regret to inform you that topless sunbathing on the upper deck is not allowed. Instead, please feel free to relocate to the Captain's Private Chambers. Thank you."
  • "Those wishing to visit passengers incarcerated in the brig, please proceed to the Biscayne Deck. Visiting hours are now open."
  • "Whoever is staying in Cabin 613 on the Caribbean Deck, there's an incredibly terrible smell coming from your quarters. Please clean it out or we'll have to call the hazmat team. Thank you."
  • "Attention, those who have little else to live for should think of their fellow passengers before flinging themselves from the top of the ship. The bow of the ship might be a much better place for your attempt, as you will most likely be sucked down in the undertow and never seen again. Thank you."
  • "Seasick passengers, please proceed to the outside railings. We've received numerous complaints from the lower decks. Thank you for your cooperation."
  • "Attention passengers, those who have heard rumors of widespread typhoid epidemic onboard have been misinformed. Nothing to worry about, folks! But if you are feeling in any way ill, please proceed down to the Workers Deck Cabin 103 next to the incinerator for processing- I, um, treatment. Thank you."
  • "Attention all passengers, this is Captain Jennings speaking. On behalf of the crew, I'd like to welcome you aboard the SS Neversoft Skate Cruise. We hope your stay is a pleasant one."

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