Create-A-Skater is a feature in Tony Hawk games, which allows player to create their own character. Basically, it is skater editor. To determine custom skater, players usually use CAS abbreviation.

Customizable stuff[edit | edit source]

  • Information - player can edit basic skater info, such as name, age, hometown, which doesn't affect skater in any way.
  • Stance - this affects skater stance during the gameplay. Skater may choose regular/goofy and mongo/never mongo/mongo in switch stance.
  • Body - this option is available since THPS4, allowing to alter face, skin tone, height, weight and size of any part of the skater. In THPS3 it was only allowed to change skater's height. In Underground games it is possible to import custom face in the game.
  • Clothes - player may choose from a set of different clothes parted in hats, shirts, pants and shoes.
  • Accessories - these include watches, glasses, backpacks, knee- and elbowpads, etc.
  • Skateboards - skater is allowed to choose any professional deck in the game.

Neversoft Skaters[edit | edit source]

Since THPS2 developer crew used CAS feature to put themselves into the game. Usually player has to input specific cheat code, which will unlock Neversoft skaters. From now after entering certain names, which may include the actual names and some nicknames, player will see a custom cas, representing one of the developers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is not allowed to use more than 1 object for the slot, even if certain object do not interfere (like bracelets for left and right arm).
  • In most games which allow to alter professional skaters' look, it is not allowed to use certain clothes with Elissa Steamer. For example skirts.
  • Some clothes may be unique to the secret skaters, which cannot be normally used in skater editor.
  • There is a certain limit for any sizing operation. Most of the limits can be bypassed by using mods.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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