Create-A-Park in THPS3

Create-A-Park is a special game mode that allows player to build his/her own skatepark using default pieces. It first appeared in THPS2 and it was called Park Editor until THPS4. Custom parks are shortly called CAPs by players.

Available piecesEdit

The set of pieces differs from game to game, but general parts remains the same:

  • Rails
  • Quarter-pipes
  • Slopes
  • Stairs
  • Funboxes
  • Vegetation
  • Objects from game levels


Player is allowed to choose park visual theme which is limited to a small number. For example THPS2 had 4 themes and THPS3 only 3. Themes allow to set park in the different environment like beach, industrial buildings, parking lots, church, rest stops, grave yards, mars, etc.

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