Chopper Drop loading screen

Chopper Drop is a level featured in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. The level is unlocked after getting 3 Gold Medals with every normal character in the game, as well as a Custom Skater, Officer Dick and Spider-Man. It is an alternative to the Hoffman Bike Factory of the Nintendo 64 version of the game, and is the smallest level of the game and quite possibly, the series. Chopper Drop is comprised of a lone halfpipe, which is practically a ship with the Bow and Stern cut off, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii. The player can freely skate this halfpipe, as well as perform lip and grind tricks on the helicopter skids that hover above the starting roll-in. There is also a Crow's Nest in this level, with various height extensions for lip tricks. Beside those features, the only other area to this level is an isolated dock with a "finish line," in which the player can reach. Depending on how far the player jumps when skating to the dock, there are various gaps to be obtained pertaining to distance, much like the Ski Jump gap in the Downhill Jam level of the original Pro Skater.

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Chopper Drop in THPS 2

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