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Carnival loading screen

Carnival is the eighth level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. It is a locked level that requires to be bought through the store in the main menu. This map includes various missions and Carnival related things, such as rides.


  • On this level, there's a "Haunted house" ride that the player can go through.
  • There is a section near the Rockets Ride where you can hop the wall and encounter a alligator chasing you, if it collides with you it will count as out of bounds.
  • A gorilla can be seen on one of the tea cups.
  • If you enter a tea cup on the tea cup ride, it will trigger a unique out of bounds with the text "No Free Rides!"
  • Outside the carnival grounds, there is a water tower with the name "La Douche" written on it.
  • There is a guy standing in front of the goat behind the Rim Jam'n. This is the first of the running gag in the Tony Hawk's series.


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