Boostplant (BP) is a technique that exploits a chaining error with wallride inputs. It only works in THPS4 and THUG. The defined THUG BP also works in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. To successfully execute it you must perform a flip/grab trick in the air before beginning the wallride.

How To Perform a THPS4 BoostplantEdit

  • Hold the wallride input and ollie towards the wall
  • While in the air, continue holding the wallride input, and start to repeatedly tap the up and ollie inputs.
  • Wallieplant the wall and you will perform the boostplant.

How To Perform a THUG BoostplantEdit

  • Perform a wallride while at the same time holding the flip/grab and a directional input.
  • The skater will perform a trick animation. Continue holding the flip/grab input while repeatedly tapping the up and ollie inputs.
  • When every button is released, the skater will perform the boostplant. This should be performed before wallride ends and the skater touches the ground. Multiple wall tricks will be added to the trick string.

Manual BoostplantEdit

THPS4 allows the BP to be prolonged if you ride the wall down and immediately perform a manual. The manual will continue until you ollie out of it. Once you ollie the boostplant will execute.

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