Boone is a fictional skater and story character in THAW.

Boone missions[edit | edit source]

Make Some Friends[edit | edit source]

You're now ready to prove yourself to Mindy's friends. Talk to Boone who's standing near the hotel by the Skate Ranch entrance. You'll have to do a 3-trick combo in order to impress him. Although you start out facing the building with the ramp on it, it's a good idea to build up speed by getting some air off of the ramp on the hotel behind you then using that momentum to get more air off of the building that you have to trick on. Spine transfer just as you clear the roof and then hold grab and press up twice to do a nosegrab and a frontflip. You'll have to do this all very quickly and release the grab button before you land to pull this one off.[1]

Get the Green Dome[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Boone down the street from the museum to snag the green dome on top of the white building. He'll attach a rope to the top and then ask you to help pull it down by quickly hitting the ollie button. Just keep hitting it as fast as possible until you bring it down.

Big Bucks Records[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Boone near the Big Bucks Records building in the north-east corner of the map. You'll first need to hop off your board and climb to the top which is pretty simple. Easy even. Now you'll have to hop on the railing that spirals down the building and balance a grind on it for 5 seconds. Because of the way you go down, it will tend to pull you to the right, so try to keep the balance ball closer to the left end of the balance meter.[2]

The Juice[edit | edit source]

Head over to Boone who's standing near the escalators to the right of the entrance to commence with the action. You'll have to give some of your Special to him so that he can take apart the Casino. Do a few tricks to build up your special meter then transfer it to Boone by standing near him and pressing the flip button. You'll just have to keep his meter from going totally empty before the time runs out, so this won't give you too much grief.

Pool Tricks[edit | edit source]

Talk to Boone on the upper level by the pools. Dave will show up and tell you that he wants to get some sweet photos of you doing a spine transfer over him from pool to pool while doing a kickflip, and then doing the same thing over Boone (who's standing next to an adjacent pool) while doing a triple kickflip. Head straight and veer right to do the first spine and kickflip over Dave. Then, going as straight as possible, hit the triple kickflip over Boone. As long as you build up enough speed in the second pool (by going as straight as possible), you should get enough air to hit the triple kickflip over Boone's dome.[3]

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