Big Drop Logo in THPS2.

Big Drop Logo in THPS3 on PS1.

Big Drop is the unique feature presented in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Due to players dislike, this feature was removed from the upcoming titles. However it made its return in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD as it was claimed to contain all the features from two initial games.

Feature origin

THPS series was originally presented as a simulator, hence the attention to skater stances and other specific things. It is known that height which allows skater to land the trick successfully is limited. Big Drop feature was most probably impressed by Jamie Thomas' Leap of Faith ollie footage.

Feature mechanics

When skater ollies from high ledges or launches himself high enough off the slope, there is a chance of Big Drop icon to appear, that will cause skater to bail if nothing was performed to avoid it. There are several ways to avoid it:


  • In all games where the big drop is present apart from THPSHD, players would actually earn points for landing big drops.


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