American Wasteland Characters

In the story for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, the main character encounters many people that mainly help build the skate ranch.

Characters Edit

  • Iggy Van Zandt - a legendary skater who owns the Skate Ranch.
  • Mindy - A busty girl who helps you around LA as well as designing the Skate Ranch and starting up her own magazine, American Wasteland. She eventually becomes your girlfriend.
  • Boone - A bald head hot-headed skater who takes to doing the gnarliest tricks.
  • Murphy - A preppy guy skater who often contacts various people around LA for assistance.
  • Useless Dave - A chubby skater who holds a lot of useless knowledge about skating.
  • Master Zen - A Chinese skate master who teaches you some special tricks for the "Tony Hawk AM Jam".
  • Mega - A skater and old friend of Tony Alva who now works in an Oil rig. He helps you digging up the Skate Ranch.

Iggy Van Zandt Edit

Iggy is first encountered after you have satisfied Boone, Useless Dave, and Murphy. You find in the skate ranch while throwing skateboards into a woodchipper. When Iggy was famous, he started to hate the publicity and respect he was getting so he faked his death but at the end of the game, he becomes famous again with the help of the custom skater.

Mindy Edit

Mindy is first encountered at the beginning of the game in the second cutscene, after the custom skater gets off the bus in hollywood and has his stuff stolen by a couple of punks. She helps you get back on your feet.