Airport, as it appears in Pro Skater 3.

Airport is the fifth level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3's Career Mode. It reappears in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 as a Classic Mode level, and in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD as downloadable content. The level has been recreated in the style of play and to match the graphics of each of the games that it has reappeared in.


The origin of this level is unclear as THPS3 doesn't have any direct indications of its location. However, the welcoming billboard states "Welcome to the islands", there are palm trees all around the airport and player can notice the volcano at the entrance of the airport. According to the texture name, this is the hawaiian volcano. So we can claim that Airport is located in Hawaii.

However, the globe map in THUG2 mistakenly has it placed in Japan. That made people to presume that airport is located in either Osaka or Fukuoka. But there is no japanese text at all, so this probably was just a random placement without a thought behind it.


The level is an airport terminal, including waiting room, baggage claim, baggage handling, toilets, customs and a helipad.


Airport, as it appears in the GameBoy Advance version of THPS3.

The level is significantly different in appearance in the GameBoy Advance version of Pro Skater 3, in keeping with the graphics and capability of the console.


  1. High Score: 75,000
  2. Pro Score: 150,000
  3. Sick Score: 300,000 
  4. Collect SKATE
  5. Find the Secret Tape
  6. Airwalk Over An Escalator (Vert)
  7. Crooked Grind around the Baggage Claim (Street)
  8. Visit 10 Countries
  9. Get the Tickets to your Skate Buddy
  10. Stop the Pickpockets
Goals may vary in different ports. They can be found in Airport/Walkthrough.
The gap list for this level can be found in Airport/Gap List.

Additional info


  • "Flight 666 to Las Vegas is departing now from gate 1."
  • "The yellow zone is for loading and unloading only."
  • "Mr. Thorne, please, report to the white courtesy phone." - this one refers to Darren Thorne, one of game developers.
  • "Flight 275 to Woodland Hills is departing in 5 minutes from gate 23."
  • "Flight 275 to <Pequiva???> is departing in 5 minutes from gate 23."
  • "Flight 62 to Hollywood is departing in 10 minutes from gate 15."
  • "Flight 62 to Petaluma is departing in 10 minutes from gate 15."
  • "We are now boarding our first class and far superior individuals."
  • "Now boarding couch, the lower class citizens."
  • "Please, do not park in front of the terminal. We will tow your car and send you the parts in the box."


  • "Welcome to the islands"
  • "We lost your bags again"
  • "Noel owes me 5000 bucks" - may refer to Noel Hines, one of game developers.


  • In THUG2, if the player skates into one of the steel doors at the end of the level, they will teleport back to the start.
  • In THPSHD and the PS1/N64 versions of THPS3, Airport is set in the night, while the other versions are set in the day.
  • In THPS3 and THPSHD, there are police officers guarding the bottom of the escalators. They will knock you down if you go anywhere near them.

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