Airport, as it appears in Pro Skater 3.

Airport is the fifth level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3's Career Mode.

It takes place at Osaka International Airport in Osaka, Japan, but it strangely had English text rather than Japanese.

It reappears in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 as a Classic Mode level, and in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD as downloadable content. The level has been recreated in the style of play and to match the graphics of each of the games that it has reappeared in.


The level is an airport terminal, including waiting room, baggage claim, baggage handling, toilets, customs and a helipad.


Airport, as it appears in the GameBoy Advance version of THPS3.

The level is significantly different in appearance in the GameBoy Advance version of Pro Skater 3, in keeping with the graphics and capability of the console.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

PlayStation 2, XBox, GameCube and PC

  1. High Score: 75,000
  2. Pro Score: 150,000
  3. Sick Score: 300,000 
  4. Collect SKATE
  5. Find the Secret Tape
  6. Airwalk Over An Escalator (Vert)
  7. Crooked Grind around the Baggage Claim (Street)
  8. Visit 10 Countries
  9. Get the Tickets to your Skate Buddy
  10. Stop the Pickpockets


  1. High Score: 40,000 
  2. Pro Score: 100,000 
  3. Sick Score: 200,000 
  4. Collect SKATE
  5. Snag the Flags
  6. Lost luggage found!
  7. Nosebluntslide the Airport Sign
  8. Grind the Plane
  9. Find the Secret Tape
  10. 100% goals, stats and decks

GameBoy Advance

  1. High Score: 55,000 
  2. Pro Score: 110,000 
  3. Sick Score: 200,000 
  4. Find the Secret Tape
  5. Collect SKATE
  6. Crooked Grind The South Bench (Street)
  7. Airwalk Over the X-ray Machine (Vert)
  8. Find the Lost Skateboard
  9. Bring Tickets to the Family
  10. Grind Over The Airplane
  11. Gain 4 Stat Points

Tony Hawk's Underground 2

  1. High Score: 125,000 
  2. Pro Score: 250,000 
  3. Sick Score: 400,000 
  4. High Combo: 80,000 
  5. Collect SKATE
  6. Collect COMBO
  7. Crush the Suspicious Suitcases
  8. Nose Manual the Escalator Slope
  9. Nosegrab Over the 'copter
  10. Find the Secret Tape

Easter Eggs

In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, the helipad was considered an easter egg in the level, as it is only reachable by skating onto the baggage deposit conveyor belt, or grinding up a steep escalator from the baggage collection area. However, due to the implementation of getting off one's board in Tony Hawk's Underground 2, the helipad became significantly easier to reach via the escalator, retracting its easter egg status. The goal "Nosegrab over the 'copter" was even included, making the helipad a vital part of the gameplay.


  • In THUG2, if the player skates into one of the steel doors at the end of the level, they will teleport back to the start.
  • In THPSHD, Airport is set in the night, unlike the other games.
  • In THPS3 and THPSHD, there are police officers guarding the bottom of the escalators. They will knock you down if you go anywhere near them.

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