The Aborigine as seen on the character selection screen.

The Aborigine is a supporting character from Tony Hawk's Underground 2. In the Australia level, he is found hiding in the secret Outback area. To reach him, the player must Natas Spin on a nearby fire hydrant and cause a crane carrying a Kenny the Koala head to smash the wall blocking the area. The Aborigine uses a red go-kart instead of a skateboard, but can also be unlocked as a secret skater by completing the Story Mode 100% on any difficulty.


  • In Story Mode, if the player grinds on the crane with the Aborigine's go-kart, the Kenny the Koala head will fall off and roll down the street, destroying a cop car, smashing a curb where Eric Koston is sitting, and crash into a building.
  • His go-kart resembles Mario's Pipe Frame vehicle from Mario Kart 64.
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