Игры про Тони Хоука вики
Игры про Тони Хоука вики

THUG Pro (Tony Hawk's Underground Pro) — глобальная модификация для THUG2, включающий в себя многое из игр серии Tony Hawk's. Основные функции мода это уровни из других игр серии Tony Hawk's, собственные карты, физика, новые функции.


  • Поддержка 4K
  • Оконный режим
  • Совместимость с геймпадами
  • Create-A-Skater
    • CAS Мод
    • Редактор доски
  • Create-A-Park
    • Новые объекты
    • Возможность стакать объекты и ставить на себя
    • Новые темы
  • Игровой процесс
    • Тонкая настройка игры
    • Новое меню
    • Новый интерфейс в меню
    • Изменение HUD'а (например HUD из THAW)
    • Настройки чата
    • Настройки камеры
    • Wallplant из THUG
    • Boned Ollie из THAW
    • Camera Hack или же Freecam
    • Новые трюки
    • 12 трюков в Special Trick's
    • Свой саундтрек
  • Сетевой режим
    • Запрет на сторонние модификации
    • Автосервер
    • Смена времени суток у всех игроков на сервере
    • Возможность включение объектов из режима Истории
    • Возможность отключить функции игроков на сервере (например Buttslap или Boostplant)
    • Возможность телепортации к игроку в режиме наблюдения (/warp)
  • Уровни (список ниже)


Помимо локаций из других серий Tony Hawk's, в игру можно импортировать карты или создавать свои!

Warehouse Hangar Foundry College New Jersey Training Hollywood Andy's Room
School School II Canada San Francisco Manhattan Boston Beverly Hills High School
Mall Marseille Rio Alcatraz Tampa Barcelona Downtown City Center
Skatepark New York Suburbia Kona San Diego Berlin East L. A. Fun Park
Downtown Venice Airport Shipyard Hawaii Australia Santa Monica
Downhill Jam Skatestreet Skater Island London Vancouver New Orleans Oil Rig
Burnside Philadelphia Los Angeles Zoo Slam City Jam Skatopia Vans Park
Streets Bullring Tokyo Carnival Moscow Pro Skater Casino
Roswell Skate Heaven Cruise Ship Chicago Hotter Than Hell The Triangle Skate Ranch
Chopper Drop Practice The Ruins


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Официальный релиз мода состоялся 10 августа 2013 года. В его первой версии присутствовали уровни из Tony Hawk's Underground и Tony Hawk's Underground 2, темы для парка из Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 и Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Также были добавлены некоторые функции, пример одной из них Stall из Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. 10 января 2014 года, был показан трейлер c уровнями из Tony Hawk's American Wasteland,Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4,Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (спустя некоторое время уровни из THPS4 были добавлены) и редактор уровней.[1] 12 февраля 2015 открылось публичное бета тестирование. В новой версии были добавленные новые функции, такие как поддержка контроллера PS2, небольшая часть физики из THUG1, новые карты.

Интересные факты[]

  • Люк Планкетт из Kotaku, позитивно отреагировал на мысль о всех уровнях в серии игры в многопользовательской игре.[2]

История обновлений[]

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(не полный лог на момент 2021)

11 августа 2015

  • Fixed: Warehouse starting room light.
    • Correctly flickers on & off.
  • Fixed: Most object flickering/Zfight issues in Kyoto.
  • Fixed: Kyoto crashing issue for some players.

8 августа 2015

  • Two new levels - Warehouse from THPS and Kyoto from THAW.
  • Fixed: Koth time setting can now be changed again.
  • You no longer get stuck if in observe mode and the level is changed.
  • Fixed: Skater is rotated while grinding a gate in New Jersey
  • Fixed: The School 2 pole can be knocked down
  • Various bugs fixed.

9 мая 2015

  • Startup crashing fixed for most players.
  • Fixed bug where bailing in an active game would end your run.
  • Removed unused models/textures.

26 апреля 2015

  • New levels, City Center and Fun Park from THP8
  • THUG1 secret skater boards.
  • Rail boosters in THP8/THAW levels.
  • Booster vent model added to Atlanta.
  • Net Game ends faster if a player bails after 0.
  • Error messages are now written to a log file.
    • file is located at "../AppData/Local/THUG Pro/thugpro.log
  • Menu updates and tweaks.
  • Tweaks to Airshuffle and Air Manual scripts.
  • Tweaked caveman and drift delay times.
  • Updated download bug
  • Skater freezing when changing time a day.
  • Pedestrian scripts in Canada causing crashes.
  • Bug where net games didnt and correctly.
  • Bug with airshuffle trigger, (when is disabled)
  • Camera Angle menu option work correctly now.
  • Script and level optimization.

8 марта 2015

  • New level, Atlanta from THAW/THUG2 Remix
  • Fixed crashes relating to Natas spins, and crashing on selecting High School or Skatepark
  • "Bulletin Board" main menu option to view latest update info
  • Tweaked Observe mode, which lets you sit out of games
  • "Turn Off Game Respawns" option in General Options which lets you retain your current position when games start or end (May experience occasional crash).
  • Tweaked Wallplant/Stickerslap angle, speed loss, & distance fixes
  • Removed random rails in Kona

27 февраля 2015

  • Grind/Rail sounds tweaked for levels, such as Manhattan
  • Natas spins will now play slide sound, and bugs relating to Natas spin bails were fixed, and smoother transitions
  • Bail animations that played incorrectly are now fixed
  • Some extra wallridable objects in level, flagpole objects appear in Vancouver, and Bulldozer in Alcatraz (offline)
  • Scaling and Color updates for Skater Editor
  • Fixed menu exiting callbacks
  • Added FS 540 to Create-A-Trick, fixed menu error when exiting Create-A-Trick
  • New menu design
  • Descriptions for main menu actions
  • Park Editor: Rail Tool snap/post toggle has been fixed seperated. (Use R3/Focus to toggle post)
  • Local/LAN mode: Added Join IP and Join as Observer modes
  • Added "Rail Grab" button assign ability to in-air control setup menu
  • Auto load failed messages fixed
  • Sharper textures

19 декабря 2014

  • New level, High School from Project 8
  • Bike rack and Picnic table host level options for High School
  • Zoo competition ramps now have rails
  • Flowers in building fronts in Santa Cruz
  • Removed jackhammer sound from Manhattan
  • Removed THUG2 level destruction options (was buggy)
  • Fixed some potential crashes
  • Footstep sounds changed back to normal in Austrailia & Santa Cruz if a game is started, or the skater went out of bounds
  • Skater no longer ollies when pressing enter or ollie on dialog boxes
  • New icon for Misc Levels category

15 декабря 2014

  • New level, Santa Cruz

11 декабря 2014

  • New level, Vans Park from THAW
  • Spray tags can now be completely turned off, and changed to the burp of Shrek
  • Cap editor limits, such as merging are now toggleable in Park Properties, and copy / paste works beyond the normal memory limit now. Be careful :)
  • Some previous offline only scene objects now are visible online in New Jersey
  • The swing doors in College by the elevator no longer lock up after being spray tagged
  • Some rail sounds corrected in School 2, Chicago, and San Diego
  • The backslash key works as a normal character. Double tap it to get the color escape sequence

8 декабря 2014

  • New Gameplay Features
    • Complete PS2 control layout
      • One button spine
      • Two button walk
      • An option to put the ability to spin using caveman/alt caveman buttons, simulating the original PS2 setup
    • Sticker Slap and Wall Plant
      • ollie, down + ollie
    • THUG1 style drift
    • Jump trick selection
      • Choose from MikeV Plant, Fastplant, Beanplant, and Boneless
    • Airshuffle
      • up + up + ollie while in Caveman
    • Land pivots from THAW
      • Revert while on ground for a more stylish transition into a manual
    • Buttslap counter
    • Pressure & Nollie stance toggle mode style: choose between THUG (press to toggle) or THUG2 (hold to stay in pressure, release for nollie)
    • An option to map the focus key to do spine transfer & acid drop
    • Wallride Plant
      • left + ollie, right + ollie
    • Angle to initiate a wallride increased to be more like THUG1

  • New for Online
    • AutoServer and AutoLevel
      • Automatically start games and change level while hosting.
    • New game modes
      • Score Challenge Graff
      • Elimiskate Graff
    • Goal attack goals for THPS4 levels
    • All stats are locked to 10, and removed from menus
    • Colored text
    • In-game chat blacklist
    • On-screen keyboard
    • Change the select button binding in General Options
    • UPnP Port Forwarding
    • There are now 8 observer client slots.
    • Turn on observers and save your net preferences!
  • New Level: Andy’s Room from Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure, and THPS4 Practice Level
  • Level Changes
    • Time of Day changes now have lights online in THUG2 and THUG1 levels
    • Pro trick objects in THPS4 levels
    • SF floating platforms are now skateable
    • London elevator teleports added
    • Wallrides work on all walls in Chicago
    • New rail added to qp in Australia
    • Outback area in Australia is now accessible
    • The quarterpipes at the sides of the level in Australia now have rails at the top
    • Trees / Bushes in Manhattan from offline now show online
    • Trees, some lights and the ladder in Moscow from offline now show online
  • New Launcher
    • Resolution select from detected modes
    • Window mode
    • PS2 layout label toggle
  • Park Editor
    • Toggle between placing floaty rails and normal rails
  • Other Improvements
    • New logo and splash screen
    • New default “THUG PRO” and “Punk Wasteland” themes
    • Chat interface options
    • New updater and installer
    • Automatic aspect ratio
    • All special trick slots and specials unlocked by default
    • Performance enhancements
    • Spray Tag ends when Grind/Triangle released
    • Always Special, Super Blood, and Perfect Rail & Manual host options
    • No revert speed loss host option
    • Oldschool Special host option (sets special when you land instead)
    • Airshuffle and Boostplant host options
    • Much lower cooldown between wallplants
    • Multiplied Score HUD option
    • Many more
  • Bug Fixes
    • Over 10 different crash fixes
    • Connection refusals fixes
    • Online menu bugs fixes
    • Level select menu crash fixes
    • CTF panel messages fixed
    • Slap message lingering after game fixed
    • Random natas nodes removed
    • College, SF and Hawaii teleporters work off board
    • London random rails removed
    • Shipyard now has most of it’s gaps
    • Zoo sticker slaps and wallplants fixed
    • Glass break sounds in THPS4 levels
    • Parked gap placement bugs fixed
    • THUG1 level scripts optimized and missing gaps added
    • Many others




См. также[]


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